Why Choose Atlas Roofing Products for Your Gainesville Home

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In the heart of Gainesville, Florida, where the sun beats down and the weather can turn on a dime, your home’s roof is its first line of defense. At Brehm Roofing, we understand the importance of a durable, reliable roof. That’s why we proudly use Atlas Roofing Products – a name synonymous with quality in the roofing industry. With over four decades of experience, Atlas has evolved from a single asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in 1982 to an expansive network of 36 facilities across North America. They offer a range of products under their four major divisions: Polyiso Roof & Wall Insulation, Shingle & Underlayment, Molded Products, and Web Technologies. This impressive growth is a testament to their customer-first philosophy and commitment to excellence.

The Evolution of Atlas Roofing

Atlas’s journey began over 40 years ago with a single shingle manufacturing plant. Today, they stand as a beacon of innovation and quality in the roofing industry. Their reach spans across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, ensuring a widespread availability of their top-notch products. This growth reflects their dedication to meeting customer needs and adapting to the ever-evolving roofing market.

Why Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in North America for a reason. They offer an unbeatable combination of durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. At Brehm Roofing, we recommend Atlas asphalt shingles for their exceptional quality and the broad range of options available to suit any home style.

Unique Features of Atlas Shingles

Atlas shingles stand out in the market for their innovative features. They incorporate Scotchgardâ„¢ Protector by 3M, ensuring long-lasting protection against algae growth, which is particularly crucial in Florida’s humid climate. Their High-Wind Resistance, up to 130 mph, offers peace of mind during stormy seasons. Atlas shingles also feature a Lifetime Warranty, providing homeowners with confidence in their investment.

The Complete Roofing System

At Brehm Roofing, we don’t just focus on shingles. We believe in the Atlas Complete Roofing System, which includes high-quality underlayments, starter shingles, ridge and hip shingles, and ventilation solutions. This system approach ensures every part of your roof works together seamlessly for maximum protection, efficiency, and longevity.

Lifetime Warranty – A Win for Homeowners

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Atlas products is their Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers both material defects and the labor costs of repairs, offering unparalleled peace of mind to homeowners. It’s a testament to the confidence Atlas has in their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Brehm Roofing’s Commitment to Quality

At Brehm Roofing, our mission is to provide the best roofing solutions to our Gainesville community. We choose Atlas Roofing Products not just for their quality but also for the value they bring to our clients. From roof replacement to new roof installation, our skilled roofing contractors are equipped to deliver top-tier service using the best materials in the market.


Choosing the right roofing contractor and materials is crucial for the longevity and protection of your home. In Gainesville, Florida, Brehm Roofing stands as a testament to quality and customer satisfaction. Our choice to use Atlas Roofing Products is driven by our commitment to providing our clients with the best. Whether it’s a reroof, roof replacement, or new roof installation, count on Brehm Roofing to deliver excellence, backed by the strength and reliability of Atlas Roofing Products.