New Construction Roofing in Alachua: A Collaboration Masterpiece by Brehm Roofing and Amira Custom Homes

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In the heart of Alachua, Florida, a newly constructed home stands as a testament to the synergy between craftsmanship and collaboration. Brehm Roofing, a seasoned roofing contractor based in Gainesville, Florida, recently had the privilege of completing the roofing phase for this stunning property, in partnership with Amira Custom Homes, led by the renowned General Contractor Corey Amira. This blog delves into the intricate process and meticulous attention to detail that Brehm Roofing dedicated to this project, showcasing why we are the go-to experts for new construction roofing in Alachua.

A Partnership Built on Precision and Expertise

Our journey on this project began with a firm handshake and a shared vision for excellence with Corey Amira from Amira Custom Homes. Known for their impeccable designs and quality construction in Alachua, partnering with Amira Custom Homes was a seamless fit for us at Brehm Roofing. Our collaborative efforts were focused on ensuring that every aspect of the roofing process was executed with precision, from the initial material takeoff to the final installation of the shingles.

The Process: An Overview

Laying the Foundation for Excellence

The roofing phase is a critical component in the construction of a new home, following the framing work where trusses and sheathing are put in place. Our skilled team at Brehm Roofing commenced our work by first securing the roof. This initial stage involved the installation of underlayment and essential flashing to prevent water infiltration at vulnerable points such as dormers, valleys, and edges.

Attention to Detail: Flashing and Underlayment

In this particular project, our expertise was showcased through the meticulous installation of 4×5 L flashing along the front and side walls, particularly around the dormers, and valley flashing using metal roll materials. The installation of drip edge was also a critical step in this phase, ensuring the longevity and durability of the roofing system.

Valley Flashing

The Culmination of Craftsmanship

Approximately two weeks after the initial phase, our team returned to complete the roofing installation. This final stage involved laying all field shingles, installing pipe boots, and securing the hip and ridge shingles. Thanks to our efficient and skilled team, this phase was completed in just a day and a half.

Choosing the Right Materials: The Certainteed Advantage

For this project, we selected Certainteed Landmark shingles, renowned for their quality and aesthetic appeal. The homeowner’s choice of Colonial Slate for the shingle color added a touch of elegance to the home’s exterior, further accentuating its beauty. The choice of materials was influenced by our commitment to quality and the desire to provide a durable, visually appealing roofing solution. For more insight into why we choose Certainteed, visit our article on “The Certainteed Advantage: A Century of Roofing Superiority.

A Roofing Masterpiece in Alachua

The completion of the roofing phase marked a significant milestone in the construction of this new home in Alachua. The collaboration between Brehm Roofing and Amira Custom Homes was a harmonious blend of expertise, resulting in a roofing installation that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. The end result is a roof that not only protects but enhances the overall aesthetic of the home, making it a standout property in Alachua.

Looking Forward: Building Future Skylines Together

Our successful collaboration with Amira Custom Homes on this project is just the beginning of a promising partnership. We at Brehm Roofing are excited about the prospects of working together on future projects, continuing to set new benchmarks for quality and craftsmanship in new construction roofing in Alachua and beyond.

In Conclusion

The journey of completing the new construction home in Alachua, in partnership with Amira Custom Homes, has been a fulfilling experience for us at Brehm Roofing. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when expertise, dedication, and collaboration come together. For homeowners and builders looking for unparalleled roofing solutions in Alachua, Brehm Roofing remains committed to delivering excellence, one roof at a time.

As we continue to forge ahead, our commitment to quality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal remains unwavering. We are not just building roofs; we are crafting the skylines of tomorrow, ensuring that every home we touch is protected, beautiful, and built to last. Join us on this journey of excellence in roofing, and let’s create something remarkable together.